Allison Whelan, RMT

Allison graduated with Honours from the Massage Therapy Diploma program provided by the International Complementary Therapy (ICT) School through Compu College in 2007.

She has been Registered as a Massage Therapist since October 2007 with both the College of Massage Therapists of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Massage Therapy Association of Newfoundland and Labrador. Allison has spent 7 years working various positions for the CMTNL, as well as additional work with the licensing process for massage therapist.

Her love of Massage Therapy has driven her towards completing numerous continuing education courses to strengthen her knowledge of the human body. In 2011 Allison completed her training in post-natal massage therapy, which certifies her to treat infants and to instruct parents how to effectively treat their own children. In 2014 she did extensive training in cupping therapy, that can be combined with general Swedish massage, or specific for cosmetic or cellulite treatments. She has also completed courses in reflexology, cranial-sacral therapy and several myofascial treatment courses, including intraoral myofascial for TMJ disfunction.

Allison enjoys working with women through the course of their pregnancies and has various specialized cushions to accommodate a woman’s changing body on the massage table, allowing them to have a full treatment while lying face down.

Throughout 2020-2021 Allison is completing various forms of training to further her knowledge for working with infants and women’s health, with courses in pelvic floor and diastasis recti rehabilitation, pregnancy, infant suck, swallow and breathing disorders, infant oral issues affecting breastfeeding, additional cranial-sacral courses and more.

In 2012 Allison joined the team at the Dynamis Health Centre. She fell in love with the atmosphere at the clinic and the great people who practice there. When the previous owners decided to retire in 2016, she and her husband Brett decided to take over the clinic and continue the amazing work being done there.

Allison can be contacted for Massage Therapy appointments or about questions regarding renting space at Dynamis Health Centre at (709)689-9775 (call or text) or