Far Infrared Sauna

There has been much research by the medical communities in Japan and Sweden into the benefits and mechanisms of far infrared radiation on health.

Far infrared light (FIR) penetrates deeply into the tissues of the body, unlike traditional saunas, which penetrate only a few millimeters. Deep penetration creates a more powerful detoxifying influence. Circulation and white blood cell function is enhanced, oxygenation increased, and the hypothalamus (which controls sleep, mood, pain and blood pressure) is stimulated. Since the air temperature remains much lower than in a traditional sauna, far infrared saunas provide a more comfortable, relaxing, and energizing experience.

The FIR sauna at Dynamis Health Centre was chosen specifically for the healing qualities of the range of far infrared radiation it produces.


Please call Allison at 709-689-9775 or email: allisonwhelan.rmt@gmail.com

Sessions are booked in 60 minute blocks, with the sauna at full heat for about 45 minutes.

It’s $25 per session, and sessions must be booked in advance as it is a private sauna and by appointment only. Appointments available Monday to Friday.

We recommend you bring a bottle of water, and a towel for your session. As it is a private sauna you may undress to your comfort level.


1) Chronic Joint and Muscle Pain; Sports Injuries

FIR increases blood supply and oxygen to damaged tissues to promote faster healing. Joint stiffness and muscles spasm are relieved.

2) Regulates Blood Pressure

German medical researchers found that a 1 hour session of FIR therapy reduces blood toxicity, smooths blood vessel linings and improves blood viscosity and circulation. This leads to reduction in high blood pressure and increase in low blood pressure as well as reduction in LDL cholesterol.

3) Detoxification

By enhancing white blood cell function and improving lymph circulation, FIR aids the elimination of foreign pathogens, metals, cellular waste products and scar tissue. Symptoms such as allergies, sinus congestion, skin conditions, headaches, fatigue, joint and muscle pain may be signs of toxic overload.

4) Respiratory Problems

FIR helps resolve sinusitis, bronchitis and lung infections.

5) Inflammation and Edema

By increasing white blood cell and lymph activity FIR can help to resolve inflammation and edema.

6) Antidotes Effects of Radiation exposure, Burns (including sunburn), toxic EMF’S

7) Raynaud’s Syndrome

The increase in peripheral circulation reduces symptoms of Raynaud’s Syndrome according to a study done at the University of Toronto in 2002.


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