Sooth by Gloria

– an Eminence spa partner

– specializing in skin care services; facials & body wrap treatments 

Gloria Williams

Gloria is a certified aesthetician, certified yoga teacher, plant-based chef & plant based nutrition certified, & holds master of social work and bachelor of social work degrees. 

Gloria’s holistic approach to education and work/life experience enhances her unique spa services and living foods education retreat offerings. Gloria is the director of Soothe, St. John’s; a local business name celebrating 20 years!  Her Ahimsa (do no harm) mission is a cruelty-free, environmentally responsible business/life balance. As such, she pursues ongoing wellness education that acknowledges the interconnection of the health of all beings and the planet itself. Gloria’s spa services are designed to enhance circulation, calm the nervous system and in turn calm all body systems.

“Hi I’m Gloria of Soothe, As one who is certified in whole food plant-based nutrition and culinary arts, advanced raw gourmet chef programs and a skin care practitioner, I am intrigued with the connections between skin health and gut health. Simply put; what’s happening in the skin is usually a reflection of what’s happening in the gut. For healthy glowing skin we want to feed our bodies and skin with powerful plant nutrients. Recognizing that the skin is the largest organ of the body, we want to apply natural products free of parabens, sodium laurels, and artificial additives of any type including dyes or fragrance, pesticide sprays, petroleum…Do you know what’s in your food, skin care, cosmetics? I’m here for you ~ 

catering to skin care and deep relaxation with spa services and wellness retreats with well planned, nutritional dense, whole food plant based menus.”

To book an appointment or to arrange for product pick-up, home delivery or mail out, pop Gloria an Email: 

or leave a voice mail or text 709-579-1682 (the ringer is on silent for noise reduction. Messages are returned promptly).